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Aucklanders fed up with unaffordable dairy prices are driving across town to buy cheap milk in bulk from a Mt Wellington superette selling at cost price.Satish Masters, owner of the Harris Rd Superette and Lotto, said customers from wider Auckland suburbs stopped in to his store to buy up to 12 litres of milk in one purchase. The superette sells 2 litre bottles of Dairy Dale milk for $2.90 per bottle up to $2 cheaper than some supermarkets.The superette has sold Dairy Dale Lite and blue milk for five years. Mr Masters said he makes a loss on each bottle sold, but doesn’t mind because it brings in the customers.”It’s really a loss leader and people here love it.

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Think (Public Works Department) Director (David) Goode is doing a tremendous job with the resources we have and produce more lane miles for the amount of money we give them compared to outside contractors. It shows that when it suitable, the county has done good work. Monahan, associate legislative director for the National Association of Counties, has worked closely with Hokama over the past year and said local decision making has always been the goal of NACo when it comes to transportation.

At Bill’s Luncheonette in Chester, an upscale classic that has won “Best Burger in Morris County,” the breakfast menu is extensive and fairly contemporary, with offerings like fresh raspberry pancakes and a burger with house smoked bacon and Irish farmhouse cheddar. It also cheap jerseys has a litany of Taylor ham sandwich options, including the Mr. D, with Taylor ham, egg, Swiss and fried onions on a huge sub roll, as well as every imaginable variant of the basic ingredients on muffins, bagels, even a pretzel roll..

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