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Italian Renaissance

What is the difference between a conservatory and a Loggia

To provide a fair comparison between conservatories and Loggia Conservatories, it is worth looking at what defines each type of extension. /p> A conservatory is best defined as a property extension with glass walls and roof, available in many different styles and glazing options and usually supported by dwarf walls. Womens Air Jordan 4 It […]

There is a lot more to Interior Design than first meets the eye

Interior design is a complicated profession. It is sometimes referred to as interior architecture and often confused with interior decorating. It involves the design, organisation and planning of an interior structure rather than just refinishing and furnishing existing interior spaces. It involves managing a business, hopefully meeting the desires of the client and delivering to […]

Do not take

The founders, who stare sideburned from photographs in rooms bearing their names, paid $8,000 for the land. Upon the club completion a year later, the London Illustrated News gushed that the building a bold and striking appearance. The style is Italian Renaissance, the ground and first stories are decorated with Roman Doric and Ionic orders. […]