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Reasons To Choose Ceramic Floor Tiles

Ceramic Tiles are appropriate not only for work environment but also for living areas. They look as good in bathrooms as in kitchens. Ceramic Tiles are a great way to make lasting impressions. A modest area whether outdoors or indoors can be brought to life using these Ceramic Tiles. Ceramic Tiles are increasingly becoming a preferred choice among design savvy customers. They are available in two varieties glazed and unglazed. While Glazed Ceramic is generally used in homes, Unglazed Ceramic is of use in commercial and industrial settings.

Why Choose Ceramic Tiles?

Variety: They are available in numerous colors, styles, textures and shapes which ensure that one can create an exclusive look in their decors using these Ceramic Tiles.

High Durability: Ceramic Tile guarantees high durability and is able to retain its original qualities upon proper selection and installation. It has a longer life as compared to other Flooring alternatives

Waterproof: The attribute of offering waterproof installation makes Ceramic Tiles fit for use in wet areas like showers, swimming pools and patios.

Low maintenance: Ceramic Tiles do not demand much maintenance and resist stains and dirt effectively.

Fire Resistance: Ceramic Tiles do not give out toxic fumes on being exposed to fire. They are non-combustible.

Outdoor Suitability: Ceramic Tiles are appropriate for use outdoors as they possess the attributes of frost resistance, better cleanability and traction, fade resistance and durability.

Value and Versatility: They are very versatile and can be used in all building types, with lesser costs involved per square foot as compared to other permanent Flooring options.

Indoor Air Quality: Inherently, Ceramic Tiles do not emit VOCs because they are fired at extremely high temperatures. The finished product is almost inert, without off-gassing.

Environment Friendly: They are an essential contributor to the phenomenon of sustainable construction. Using Ceramic Tiles adds to LEED points in building programs requiring green certification.

Artistic Appearance: They invoke a feeling of richness by means of their elegance and tranquility.

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