How to choose a kitchen worktop

It’s always great to look at the variety of worktops and what the advantages of them are. In this article we will like to look into 3 worktops and see how they compare with one another. Stainless steel When looking at a worktops it’s good to think about the use and the environment around it. Nike Air Jordan 4 Womens If you have young children then you are more likely to take something more resistant. Stainless steel is ideal for our OCD driven hygiene freaks. Its a great surface which can be cleaned very easily. The worktop is hard and the best thing is the easiness of the clean. Stainless steel does however scratch across time but none can deny it looks really good. Hardwood Best used: Always best used for our chefs and cooking maniacs. Its ideal for cooking purposes. Also if bought with water resistant quality then can become very handy in and around sinks and areas which deal with oil. Best look: Best thing is it suits all kitchens. It looks greatif mixed with a few materials such as glass or stainless steel. AIR HUARACHE Upkeep: Maintenance of this is slightly harder. If something spills you have to be pretty quick to clean up otherwise it may leave a stain. Sealing required: These hardwoods need to be painted with a special oil to start with and then one coat every month at least. This has to become a habbit otherwise you can say good bye to your hardwood. Durability: Hardwoods can last a long time but you will have to apply that oil. GS Air More Uptempo Also dont use it as a chopping board or put a hot pan on it. LUNARGLIDE 8 These surfaces can get scorched very easily. Air Jordan Retro 7 Flexibility and fitting: The best thing about hardwood is its flexibility to fit perfectly in any shape. Make sure the carpenter is correct though. Granite Best used: Used on surface worktops. The shiny glossy look has proved very popular in recent times. KOBE 11 Best look: Its a granite worktopsat its best. It suits every look, call it modern or traditional. Nike Air Trainer 3 The worktop has been described as timeless. Upkeep: Maintenance out of all the surfaces is the best. Get a damp cloth and wipe away. Golden State Warriors Its that simple. Sealing required: You would apply a sealer first time when putting it on and another one after 10 years. Durability: Out of all the surfaces it is the best in durability. parajumpers windbreaker ECHO It can with stand heat and is water resistant. Gonzaga Bulldogs Wine and citrus must be wiped away at once though. Flexibility and fitting: Granite again is very flexible.