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Inspector William

In a Tell It to the E R published Monday under the entry, “Caller took cheap shot at Romney,” a word was incorrectly transcribed. It should have read: “That was really a cheap shot against Mitt Romney in Friday’s Tell It the comment “sister wives” as a slam against Romney’s Mormon religion.” It is the […]

At Tuesday

That doesn’t mean there’s no bass on this speaker it just lacks the clarity you might expect given the price tag here. On the other hand vocals come through much more clearly and Mozart’s String Quartet No. 21 sounded great. I countered the vice chancellor with more passion than savvy by arguing that even if […]

caused his university

Coach Eustachy knows that he made some very poor decisions and used bad judgment. He sincerely regrets his actions and the harm they have caused his university. We have made sure he understands his accountability and obligations as Iowa State’s men’s basketball coach, now and in the future.”. For comparison, general admission to the Frost’s […]

assigning the actual

If that problematic, you can take up your concerns with the Post Office.(Just as an aside, a lot of people think that the Post Office is responsible for assigning the actual numeric portion of a street address. In reality, if you want your house number changed, you need to talk to the electric (f)utility about […]