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Remember all the talk about

Remember all the talk about the socioeconomic balance touted during redistricting by WJCC schools? How about the recent talk by Dr. Constantino that the need for redistricting will become unnecessary due to the balance between schools? If that’s so, how does Dr. Constantino explain the disparity between schools, using percent of students receiving subsidized school […]

Scuba diving is among the most

Scuba diving is among the most popular activities that can be enjoyed in the waters surrounding Madeira. There are several things that make this area an incredible place to enjoy the sport. Its climate that remains same all through the year offers great conditions to dive into the waters and explore the exuberant underwater beauty. […]

The Wind Rises had a reported

The Wind Rises had a reported budget of US$30 Million, and The Tale of Princess Kaguya, with its infamous ten year production schedule, likely cost even more. Back in 1987 Akira was made for a then record 1.1 Billion, which would be around US$10.6 Million today. But films that extravagant don’t come along very often. […]

Another loading option

And then I’ll be happy if I give assists to Jozy, to Sebastian, it doesn’t matter who. But I will be more happy than sometimes scoring goals.”French born Congolese defender Chris Mavinga will not be part of the squad in Salt Lake after returning to France for the birth of his child.A family affair: St […]