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The cosmopolitan Kos Town

Martinez (also age 35) was charged with violation of the financial responsibility law and expired registration. In May, Ms. Martinez was given a golden opportunity: those charges were dismissed “on good behavior” (meaning that as long as she didn’t break any more laws for a period of time, she would not go to jail, pay […]

The linker also

The linker also determines the order of the segments in the final image. In this project, the startup code must be the first object module for input to the linker (as shown in the make file, line 52). The linker maintains the same segment order that first appeared in the first file. The NC10’s screen […]

Wording coming

Wording coming from the Trump administration is such urgency. I don want to say it posturing, but all of this is an effort to induce more out of China, said Jonathan Pollack, fellow at the Brookings Institution and expert on North Korea and Chinese security strategy. The Chinese don want to feel pressured to do […]

However, one

However, one aspect of the 9/11 study which somewhat applies to Indians as well is the ‘relying on the self and the institution’. The study shows that “while on one hand the reliance on self ‘because somebody else may not take care of this for me’ rose, so did a renewed faith in institutions like […]

As expected from

As expected from a company with the phrase cycles in its name, the Axino EX feels like it ready to race. With average geometry, you get straightforward handling that neither frighteningly fast nor so sluggish as to hold you back in a crit. The EX frame stiffness impressed us. In the late 20th century, an […]

Carne asada tacos

Carne asada tacos ($9.75 for four plus beans), Frezko Taco Spot, Southlake: Two smaller spots, Frezko Taco Spot and Chiloso Mexican Grill (not listed here but recommended), have been taking on nearby taco champ Torchy’s and surviving. Frezko takes the more minimal approach: Choose burrito, salad, quesadilla or taco, choose your meat (a vegetarian option […]

Nearly all of the buses

On one wall is a hand painted reproduction of “The Angelus,” a painting by French painter Jean Francois Millet, who died in 1875. His masterpiece hangs in the Mus d’Orsay in Paris. Steve’s grandmother copied the painting a century ago, when she was 20 years old. Nearly all of the buses are expected to leave […]